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How long has the company been in business?

In 2001, Aleksei Bluhmberg, the company’s founder, purchased his first 25-ton crane. That year a small private enterprise, consisting of one person, was founded. Today, PCM Cranes is one of the most well-known crane dealers in Europe, exporting more than a dozen cranes worldwide annually.

Does PCM Cranes organize delivery?

Yes, at the client’s request, we will deliver the crane to the port or to the door of the buyer’s company. Delivery is not included in the original cost of the crane and may be calculated separately, at the buyer’s request.

Whose property are the cranes?

Most cranes offered by our company are our property one hundred percent.

What is the origin of the cranes PCM sells?

The previous owner of used cranes is either our company or another crane company from Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

How is the condition of the cranes?

The detailed shape of each crane is described on its technical datasheet. As a rule, all our cranes are in good working condition, and reviewed before selling.

Payment methods

The standard payment procedure is 10% prepayment and balance payment before dispatch. We also accept payment via bank letter of credit. The payment currency is euro.

How and where can I see the cranes?

The cranes can be seen either on our premises near Berlin or on construction sites located in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. Before planning to inspect the crane, we kindly ask you to contact us in advance to arrange a time and find out the crane’s location.

Is it possible to repaint a crane in the color I need?

Yes, at the buyer’s request, a crane can be repainted to the desired color or color combination. Crane painting is not included in the original cost, so you need to request us for an offer.

What documents will I get when purchasing a crane?

Usually these include the crane’s passport, certificate of origin, service book, parts catalog, user manual and other necessary documents. For the exact content of the package of documents, ask us at the time of crane purchase.

Does a crane undergo pre-delivery inspection? And if so, what does it include?

Yes, it does. Despite the fact that the client purchases a crane in the condition as of its first inspection, before handing over of a crane, we always carry out additional inspection and pre-delivery inspection. A crane is inspected for possible defects and failures. If a repair is required, it will be carried out by agreement with the buyer. Also, before handover, a crane is always cleaned and brushed up.

Does PCM carry out customs clearance?

Yes, if necessary and at the client’s request, we carry out customs clearance of a crane. Terms and conditions are negotiated separately between us and the buyer and us.

Why are there no crane prices for cranes on the website?

We prefer a personal approach to each client by making a personal offer in accordance with the potential buyer’s wishes and needs.

Can I get a crane on credit?

For clients in Germany, in cooperation with Deutsche Bank AG, we offer the option of quick financing or leasing.

How fast can I get the crane I have purchased?

Most of the cranes we sell are available immediately. If the availability period is not specified on our site or in our offer, be sure to ask us.

Does PCM provide crane operation training?

Yes, if the buyer wishes, we can provide certified crane operation training. This service is not included in the original cost of the crane and requires a separate request at the time of purchase.

Can I lease the cranes that are on sale?

Yes, we offer the option of a long-term lease for at least 6 months under the mandatory condition of a subsequent buyout of the crane. Leasing is possible not for every crane. Please ask us!

Does warranty apply to the cranes on sale?

As a rule, used cranes, older than two years, are not covered by warranty, and have to be purchased in the condition as inspected by the buyer at the time of purchase.